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Victoria Wisdom’s Finding the Right Buyer for Your Screenplay


How to select, develop and write the high concept story studios are looking for.

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“Victoria Wisdom is one of the most inspired judges of good screenplays and story ideas that I have ever come across. Her exquisite taste and solid story sense make her one of the smartest purveyors of scripts in the marketplace.”


Mark Johnson, Academy Award-Winning Producer (Breaking Bad, Rectify, Rain Man, Donnie Braso, The Notebook and The Chronicles of Narnia)


How do you write the spec script that actually sells? And once you have it, what’s the next step?

This seminar shows you how to select, develop and write the high concept commercial story that the studios and producers are looking for, how to understand why one spec script sells over another, and how to predict trends and choose saleable and commercial ideas.

  • Learn how to understand the currents of the marketplace by understanding what the buyers want and how they think.
  • Once you have the right script, learn how to triumph over the daily challenges of becoming and remaining successful in a screenwriter’s career and how to collaborate and develop your material with producers and buyers.
  • Save yourself valuable time in finding the inspiring story that producers executives want to make, and place yourself on a career path that is the key to longevity and success by understanding what sells and why and who’s buying it.

This video shows you the way to understanding your screenplay’s marketplace.

The next step for you in finding the right buyer for your screenplay. 


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About Victoria Wisdom

Victoria Wisdom has represented the writers and directors of films and shows as diverse as X-Men, The Usual Suspects, Million Dollar Baby, Crash, The Fugitive, and Criminal Minds. Victoria also teaches screenwriting at UCLA.