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Scott Rubenstein’s How to Deduct Your Writing Expenses


A practical tax guide for writers. This title can save you thousands of dollars!

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“I’ve been a client of Scott’s for many years—he saves me money!”


Elisa Bell, Screenwriter


“If Larry David were an accountant, he would probably be funnier than Scott Rubenstein. But, then, again: If Larry David were an accountant, he would probably have a nervous breakdown. So we’re stuck with Scott.”


Marianne Wiggens, Pulitzer Prize nominee


A very practical and very useful look into the IRS rules and regulations. This class can save you thousands of dollars.

  • Urban legends about hobby rules will be debunked.
  • How to audit proof your deductions.
  • How to keep good records.
  • You will even end up with a sense of humor about the IRS.
  • You can probably even write off the purchase of this video!

Scott Rubenstein has over thirty produced credits in television and features and owns his own tax preparation business L.A. Tax Service and has been doing both professionally for the past twenty years.

Don’t miss this important DVD that could change your financial future.

Legal Notice: Author and publisher disclaim all liability incurred from use of material contained in this program. Always consult your attorney and/or tax adviser before taking any action.


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About Scott Rubenstein

Scott Rubenstein is the writer of 30 produced television shows and Story Editor for Star Trek: The Next Generation, 9 to 5, and Grand. He is a Professor at California State University at Northridge and the University of Southern California.