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Ron Suppa’s What to Do After It’s Written


How to get an agent, protect your work, make the deal and develop a writing career.

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“There is quite simply no other screenplay guru around that has the industry-tested, well-rounded credentials of Ron Suppa.”


The London Sunday Times


As news of screenwriters getting seven-figure deals leaks to the masses, it’s no wonder hundreds of aspiring screenwriters come to Hollywood each day for a chance at easy money and glory.

However, the reality is that selling a screenplay is far easier said than done and requires a knowledge of the filmmaking process and industry.

This master class provides aspiring writers with invaluable insider tips and strategies plus the helpful Hollywood survival skills every screenwriter needs to network himself, get an agent, protect his work, make the deal, and develop a writing career.

Ron also conveys a taste of what the real world of professional screenwriting is like to help even the novice writer compete as an insider in Hollywood. 


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