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Rob Tobin’s Credible Dialogue Strategies


How to use dialogue to impart information, set a mood or tone, instigate action, reveal character, create conflict and entertain.

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“Rob Tobin provided invaluable advice, support and encouragement in the writing of a screenplay which led directly to a staff writing position in television. I could not have done it without him.”


Jonathan Hiatt, Writer/Producer (City of Angels, Philly)


Expo star speaker Rob Tobin speaks to you about how your characters should speak.

Dialogue is how we remember the best movies, and it is how you make your script something special, something agents, producers, execs, and actors will be dying to read.

In this video Rob shows you how to use dialogue to:

  • impart information,
  • set a mood or tone,
  • instigate action,
  • move the story forward,
  • reveal character,
  • create conflict, and
  • entertain.


He also discusses the most common pitfalls of dialogue:

  • overt exposition,
  • author intrusion,
  • inconsistent syntax,
  • anachronisms,
  • geographical inconsistencies, and
  • cultural inconsistencies.


Learn how to avoid dialogue that’s inconsistent with:

  • the character of the speaker,
  • the circumstances under which the dialogue takes place, and
  • the character of the listeners. 


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About Rob Tobin

Rob Tobin is an award-winning screenwriter, script consultant, novelist, lecturer, former development executive, former VP of the country’s largest private screen writing school, author of How to Write High Structure, High Concept Movies, and frequent guest speaker at major film festivals and writing conferences.