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Richard Walter’s Reader’s Backflip: Fine-Tuning Your Script


How to ensure your screenplay stands out in the reader’s stack.

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“Richard Walter is a tactful guide within the student’s creative dream. He brings the practicality of an electrician and the passion of a visionary to the teaching of screenwriting.”


Stewart Stern, award-winning screenwriter of Rebel Without a Cause, Sybil, and Rachel


“I recommend Richard’s seminar as a great tool for anyone interested in becoming a professional screenwriter.”


Jeff Robinov, Senior VP, Warner Bros.


“Richard Walter is the prime broker for one of Hollywood’s hottest new commodities… Student writers… A demanding taskmaster, with a sure eye for both dramatic coherence and a good sell.”


Wall Street Journal



When a reader for an agency or studio examines a spec script, she starts with a cursory backflip, scanning the pages in search of common, easy-to-detect errors that give away the writer as an amateur.

This video provides a checklist of items to avoid as they will stop the reader even before she starts.


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About Richard Walter

Professor Richard Walter has been professor and chairman of UCLA’s screenwriting program for 25 years. His students have written Jurassic Park I, II & III, Spider-Man, About Schmidt, Road to Perdition, Men in Black, Face/Off, Charlie’s Angels, Mission Impossible, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and many more.