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Richard Krevolin’s Screenwriting from the Soul


Use myth and spirituality to transform your screenplays.

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“Screenwriting from the Soul is a dialogue about the art and craft of film. Savor the passion of a master teacher and run to your computer. Krevolin is full of evocative, inspiring, practical, literate, sound advice.”


John Furia, Jr., Former President & Chairman of the Writer’s Guild of America, West and Former Head of the Writing Program, USC School Of Cinema/TV


Why do some stories touch you and others don’t?

Richard Krevolin explores the spiritual, physiological, and psychological basis for good storytelling that transcends time, place, and culture, then addresses how you can apply these rules to make your stories resonate deeply with all audiences.


  • How to tell a power story.
  • How to avoid the storytelling No-no’s.
  • How to incorporate myths to add resonance to your scripts.
  • How to use Prof. K’s golden rules of story.
  • How to create three-dimensional characters.
  • What is the “Hostess with the Mostess Effect”?
  • How to infuse your work with soul and also maintain your integrity as a working Hollywood screenwriter.


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