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Richard Krevolin’s Adapt Anything into a Screenplay


A practical guide to adapting your story/novel/life into a screenplay.

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Product Description


“Enlightens and clarifies the adaptation process…It’s like a semester of film school only a lot cheaper.”


Tom Desanto, Producer (Transformers, X-Men, Apt Pupil, X-Men 2)


Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hours, X-Men…Many of the most successful films of today are adaptations.

This title provides a practical exploration of how to adapt anything (novel, short story, comic, article, or just an idea) into a script.

Prof. K will introduce you to his proven 5-step adaptation process and also cover the legal issues of adaptation.


  • How to find your logline and theme.
  • How to use Prof. K.’s foolproof seven step adaptation process.
  • How to learn from adaptation case studies.
  • How to diagram and chart the course of your story
  • How to sleep your way to the middle in Hollywood.


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