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Pilar Alessandra’s The Minute Pitch


Craft a pitch that hooks your listener in less than 60 seconds.

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“Absolute gold… precise, specific information that takes the terror out of pitching. Pilar saves you years of grief and ‘learning things the hard way.’”


Signe Olynyk, Great American Pitch Fest


Whether it’s over the phone or in a producer’s office, writers need to be able to briefly pitch their ideas in an entertaining manner. This title offers a template writers can use to “hook”a listener in as little as a minute.

Pitch to develop your story!

Use this video before you write to:

  • Find the “big idea”of your screenplay.
  • Clarify your major story beats.
  • Brainstorm scenes and set-pieces.
  • Pitch to sell your script!

Then use this video after you write to:

  • Pitch quickly and avoid producer tune-out.
  • Eliminate “writer babble.”
  • Leave them thinking about your screenplay.


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