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Philippa Burgess’s Navigating the Studio System


Learn to successfully navigate the complexities of Hollywood’s studio system from an entertainment industry leader. 



Product Description


Learn to successfully navigate the complexities of Hollywood’s studio system from an entertainment industry leader with a passion for career development. 

From the nine major studios to the Mini-Majors and Genre Labels, let her teach you what decision-makers are looking for and how to reach them.

Whether you’re hoping to blast your project out of “Development Hell,” looking for the quickest path to a greenlight, or just curious about the steps that get a project from script to screen, and who does what to make that happen, this inspiring video gives you the tools you’ll need to recognize the recent trends and deal with the financial realities driving this multi-million dollar industry.

Here’s your chance to master these important tricks of the trade:

  • Proving you can do a great job, again and again.
  • Finding your unique voice and staying true to it.
  • Thriving in Hollywood’s social culture.
  • Overcoming “Wishful Thinking” and “Impossibility Thinking”.
  • Building your Mentor team.
  • Determining your place as a writer in the industry’s hierarchy.


You’ll also learn from this industry insider:

  • The 3 reasons producers buy scripts.
  • The 5 elements essential to any winning project.
  • And much, much more.