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Paul Gulino’s Sequences: The Hidden Structure


Sustain audience involvement by building your screenplay from 15-page sequences.

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“A succinct introduction not only to sequences, but also the theory that underlies all dramatic storytelling.”


Andrew Marlowe, screenwriter (Castle, Air Force One, End of Days and Hollow Man)


The great challenge in writing a feature-length screenplay is sustaining audience emotional involvement from page 1 through page 120.

This seminar explores an often-overlooked tool that can help: a screenplay can be built of sequences of about fifteen pages each. By focusing on solving the dramatic aspects of each sequence, a writer can more easily conquer the script as a whole.

The seminar includes:

  • Historical background of sequences.
  • Introduction of the Four Big Tools that storytellers use to maintain audience attention.
  • Graphics demonstrating the “nested structure” of successful screenplays.
  • A sequence analysis of two recent, successful motion pictures. 
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