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Michael Hauge’s Mastering the Two-Minute Pitch


Strategies to guarantee people in power will read your screenplay.

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“Thanks to your methods, I have 5 production companies and 3 agencies reviewing my script.”


Ed Abramson, Screenwriter


“I made five separate pitches following your suggestions and every company I met with asked to see my screenplay. Now comes the hard part, polishing this script ’till it shines. Thanks again.”


Anne Winn, Screenwriter


“After our pitch session I pitched 12 producers. Eight took my one sheet and four asked for the script. A couple even said, ‘Great job,’ after I implemented your suggested changes!”


Susan Raby-Dunne, Screenwriter, Canada


Whether you’re on the phone or at a pitch fest, this title shows you how to guarantee that the people in power will read your screenplay.


Learn about:

  • The 4 stages to a powerful pitch: relationship, revelation, request, and reaction.
  • The 10 key elements of any story.
  • The most powerful way to begin your pitch.
  • Insuring success at a pitch fest.
  • Avoiding the 5 biggest pitching mistakes.
  • The 2 ways to close the deal—and which works best for you.
  • What to do after they say “yes.”


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