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Marc & Elaine Zicree’s Selling a TV Series


Insider secrets on how to create, sell and run your own TV series.

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“Marc and Elaine’s work is compelling and troublesome, in the best sense of the word.”


Tom Fontana, Showrunner (Homicide, Oz, Copper)


This video reveals insider secrets for how to create, sell, and run your own TV series.

Proven tactics are drawn from the Zicrees’ experience as writers who have successfully pitched and written pilots for network and cable TV.

The session also delivers amazing insights from their experience as producers of hit TV shows, and includes a glimpse into the minds of successful show creators and the studio and network execs who buy from them.

Rather than recycling ineffective theories and oft-repeated rules that serve only to exclude you, the Zicrees get to the nuts and bolts of how the business of television really works, and how the rules have changed to give anyone with talent and drive the opportunity to advance their creative vision.

Like any game, unless you know the rules, you can’t play and you certainly can’t win.

Let the Zicrees give you the edge you need to successfully navigate the new television landscape. 


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About Marc & Elaine Zicree

Marc & Elaine Zicree are writer-producers who have written and sold more than a hundred scripts to virtually every major network and studio, with credits on such hit shows as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5 and Sliders.