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Ken Rotcop’s Perfect Pitch: The Workshop


In this workshop Rotcop expands his advice on pitching and shows how to fine-tune your pitch.

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“Before you can get someone to read your screenplay you have to know how to pitch them on the idea. Ken Rotcop, an award-winning writer, is the master at teaching writers how to pitch. Remember, it’s all in the pitch, it’s all in the pitch!”

Oprah Winfrey, the Oprah Winfrey Show


“The art of pitching is one part idea, one part delivery and about ten parts chutzpah. Ken Rotcop coaches his students on how to make prospective producers fall in love.”


Patricia Ward Biederman, Los Angeles Times


“Forget about snappy dialogue, characterization and plot. It’s the pitch that gets a script read and a movie deal done. If were not for Ken Rotcop, most new writers would out of the loop.”


John Lippman, Wall Street Journal


The pitch is an executive’s first impression of you. He must decide whether he likes your story, likes you (very important!), and sees infinite possibilities to become rich.

All within two minutes!

Rotcop’s sure-fire tips on pitching will show you how to gently grab the executive by the throat and not let go until he agrees to read your script.

In this video Ken expands his advice on pitching, and critiques pitches from audience members in detail. Learn from their mistakes as you craft your winning pitch. 


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About Ken Rotcop

Ken Rotcop is the former Creative Head of Hanna-Barbera Studios, where he wrote for Richie Rich and Superfriends and supervised Charlotte’s Web.