Writing for Emotional Impact

Karl Iglesias’s Writing for Emotional Impact


Use emotion to create a “WOW” feeling in every page of your screenplay.

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“Spectacular! Five stars!”


“One of the best classes I’ve taken at the Expo!”


“Hope to see him next year.”


“The most useful techniques. Thank you!”


Attendees of Karl Iglesias’s Fascinating Scenes course at Screenwriting Expo 3


A must for any writer who has mastered the basics but has yet to break the barrier.

Focusing on the key ingredient of all successful scripts—the reader’s emotional response—author Karl Iglesias shows students fresh ways to evoke emotion on every page of their scripts.


  • Why emotion is the key to successful screenwriting.
  • What readers look for in talented writers.
  • “Good” and “bad” screenplay examples.
  • Why A-list screenwriters keep getting hired.


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