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Karl Iglesias’s Testing Your Concept on the Emotional Level


Use emotion to craft a great idea regardless of genre.

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“Awesome! A thought-provoking, inspirational speaker—one of my favorites at the Expo.”


Attendees of Karl Iglesias’s Concept course at Screenwriting Expo 3


Did you know that 95% of novice writers fail at the concept?

The concept is the core of the script. And most insiders agree that in Hollywood, the “idea is king.” You can create a great hero, write edgy dialogue, weave in a deep theme. But if you choose the wrong concept, or fail to develop it properly, you’re guaranteed an uphill battle at the marketing stage.

This video includes:

  • What makes a great idea, regardless of genre or whether it is a high or low concept.
  • The three emotional requirements of a great idea that create interest, excitement, and fascination.
  • Techniques to energize any concept, including soft-sells. 


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