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Karl Iglesias’s Crafting Compelling Stories for Emotional Impact


Powerful techniques for crafting compelling stories from highly successful screenwriters.

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“Fantastic! Karl rocks!”

“So many useful tools worth every minute of the lecture.”

“Clear, concise, effective. The best I’ve seen.”


Attendees of Karl Iglesias’s Story course at Screenwriting Expo 3


Without emotional involvement, a story is just a sequence of events, nothing more than words on the page, not the experience the reader craves.

Going beyond what most seminars and screenwriting books offer—rules, page templates, and plot formulas—this title goes right to the source: the work of highly successful screenwriters, showcasing powerful techniques for crafting compelling stories.

Topics include:

  • The five essential emotions in all successful stories.
  • Grabbing the reader in the first page.
  • Suspense vs. curiosity, emotional moments vs. conflict.
  • The power of…anticipation.


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