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John W. Cones’s Investor Financing of Independent Films


43 ways to raise money for your movies!



Product Description


Have you ever worried that Hollywood is a sophisticated system set up to steal your ideas, steal your scripts, and steal your money on the backside?

It’s not if you know what you’re doing.

John W. Cones, a Los Angeles securities and entertainment attorney specializing in independent film financing, steers you away from bad advice, and toward the best investor strategies to help you hold onto more of what’s yours, and get your feature film across the finish line.

In this information-packed video, you will discover at least 43 ways to raise money for films, including:

  • The most powerful Investor Motivators.
  • The 5 primary Financing Scenarios (and where your film fits in).
  • The extremely important difference between Active and Passive Investors.
  • The best and worst Investment Vehicles/Investor Deals.
  • The importance of Securities Regulations.


And you’ll learn guidelines for:

  • Staying out of trouble with the IRS.
  • Which fund-raising activities involve the sale of a security.
  • When to use a business plan vs. a securities disclosure document vs. a private placement offering memorandum.
  • Whether to conduct a public or private offering.
  • The rules associated with each type of offering.
  • Much, much more…