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Jeff Kitchen’s Screenwriting Seminar


Five extraordinary screenwriting tools to transform your million dollar idea into a solid script.

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“Jeff Kitchen’s seminar is not just theory, it’s nuts and bolts.”


Michael McDonnell, Producer (The Usual Suspects, Urban Legend)


Discover five extraordinary screenwriting tools that will make your million dollar idea come together as a solid script:

  • Work with powerful observations by Aristotle; the 36 Dramatic Situations; the Enneagram; and the Central Proposition.
  • The three-step process, Sequence, Proposition, Plot is a highly-rated dramatic outlining tool that helps you construct your entire plot.
  • Create, develop, and structure your scripts with the habits of a professional screenwriter.
  • Learn a complete craft of the dramatist.
  • Discover how structural technique can free up your creativity. 


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