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Heather Hale’s Navigating Hollywood


Tools and techniques to navigate the landscape of Hollywood and get your script into the right hands.

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“Nobody reveals the secrets of maneuvering through Hollywood as well as Heather. This video is a must for anyone wanting to advance his or her career in screenwriting or filmmaking.”


Michael Hauge, Author of Writing Screenplays That Sell


Once you’ve typed Fade Out you’ve only just begun.

In this popular, advanced Expo session, produced screenwriter Heather Hale uses humor, candor, and in-the-trenches compassion to distil the journey of getting a script off your hard drive and up onto the big (or little) screen.

Heather uses classic screenplay structure to illustrate the turning points in a screenwriting career and gives you tools and techniques to maneuver the landmine-riddled landscape of Hollywood to get your script into the right hands.

Heather’s video has the answers:

  • How will you know when your script is ready?
  • Which screenwriting contests can really help your career?
  • Why are there 4,400 production companies but only 15 real buyers?
  • How do you find and cultivate champions of you and your work?
  • How can you forge a screenwriting career if you don t live in LA?


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About Heather Hale

Heather Hale has over 45-hours of produced credits including the Lifetime Original Movie The Courage to Love. Her work has won Emmys, Tellys and ACE Awards as well as “Best New Series Pilot.”