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Fran Harris’s How to Write a Killer First Script


The best introduction to screenwriting you could hope for, this video contains everything you need to make your first script stand out.



Product Description


Writing your first script can be a frightening and daunting task if you’re not equipped with the proper tools.

If you are new to screenwriting and ready to take the plunge on your inaugural screenplay, this seminar by writer Fran Harris is the best introduction you could hope for.

Like it or not, there are different rules for novice writers, and this seminar outlines them all in detail. Whether it is how to establish your world, creating proper conflict for your characters, or crafting the right type of dialogue, everything you need to make your script stand out is covered.

Fran teaches you how to make your first work not only good, but how to make it great enough to get it sold!

You’ll learn: 

  • Why your first page has to deliver.
  • How to separate the physical and emotional needs of your main character.
  • The definitions of concept and theme.
  • Different ways to uncover your character’s scars.
  • How to convey emotion with what isn’t said.