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Learn the techniques that invest readers in your script and keep them reading.

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“Best seminar I took all weekend”…”Remarkable!”…”Great presentation”…”Great. Dry sense of humor.”…”Super excellent”…”Great tips.”


Attendees at Robert’s lecture at Expo 3


Learn the multiple techniques that will keep the reader in your “created reality” throughout your script. Study the most common mistakes made by professional and advanced screenwriters.

Learn about:

  • The best exercises to understand the medium.
  • What you think is “on the page” often is not.
  • Scene Slugs that tie the script into a “friendly read.”
  • Prose vs. film talk.
  • Is each character worth $100,000?
  • Are you the invisible screenwriter? 

Think like a reader and you’ll write like a professional!


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About Robert Flaxman

Robert Flaxman is a Producer-Director-Writer-DPEditor. As a screenplay consultant, Robert was rated #1 by Creative Screenwriting in its “Analyzing the Script Analysts” review (Vol. 6, No 5).   His clients have written and/or directed films for: Warner Bros, Screen Gems, Morgan Creek Productions, HBO, Hughes Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, ABC Productions and MGM.