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Cynthia Whitcomb’s Mastering Subplots


Learn how to create subplots that help your script reach its full potential.



Product Description


Your main story can only take you so far. Even a meaty plot can begin to wear thin after a while. 

Subplots compliment and, when used to their full effect, enhance your main storyline. They also keep the energy up in a script and make for a much more exciting read.

Cynthia Whitcomb walks you through the intricacies of great subplots and explains how they work in tandem with a film’s main plotline. Because it doesn’t matter how great your story is—if the subplots are too thin and not given the same attention you give the rest of your script, it will simply not work.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create up to a dozen stories off your basic idea and flesh out your script to its full potential.
  • How to connect every subplot to your A-story.
  • What constitutes a subplot?
  • How to apply basic 3-Act structure to each of your subplots.
  • The difference between subplots and set-up.


About Cynthia Whitcomb

Cynthia Whitcomb is a scriptwriter, author and teacher of the art of scriptwriting. She has sold over 70 feature length screenplays, of which 29 have been filmed. Her teaching credits include seven years at the UCLA Film School and over 10 years teaching scriptwriting in Oregon.