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Cynthia Whitcomb’s Character Evolution


Learn about the seven levels of character development.



Product Description


Great characters make for great movies. Learn about the seven levels of character development, and how your protagonist’s journey through these levels is the key to a gripping story that will hook your audience.

You’ll also:

  • Get expert advice on how to infuse energy into your story.
  • Discover the purpose of functionary characters.
  • Learn when to surprise your audience.
  • Find out why you should never make your ‘sidekick’ too funny—and much more.

This video reveals how to avoid the common mistakes screenwriters make, like focusing too much energy on secondary characters. Using examples from such movies as Erin Brockovich, As Good as It Gets and The Godfather, it will help you create compelling characters who invite the audience on a journey.


About Cynthia Whitcomb

Cynthia Whitcomb is a scriptwriter, author and teacher of the art of scriptwriting. She has sold over 70 feature length screenplays, of which 29 have been filmed. Her teaching credits include seven years at the UCLA Film School and over 10 years teaching scriptwriting in Oregon.