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Brian Herskowitz’s Crafting the Outline for Your Feature Film


Clear and specific tools for brainstorming, developing and rewriting your outline. 

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“As a collaborator with Brian I am hugely impressed with his screenwriting knowledge. I heartily recommend him and his course.”


Jason Alexander, Actor (Seinfeld, Shallow Hal, Curb Your Enthusiasm)


Knowing how to write a great outline can be a life saver for the writer. It can be indispensible. It can also turn into a powerful pitching tool.

In this seminar you’ll learn how to craft an outline that will make the writing process a breeze!

This video benefits from Brian’s 20+ years of screenwriting and teaching experience. You’ll be given clear and specific tools for brainstorming, developing, and rewriting your outline.

You’ll learn how to avoid pitfalls such as being restricted by the outline, and how the outline can lead you to, not just a script, but a career:

  • What is an outline, and why should I care?
  • How to build your outline and make it work for you.
  • How character fits into the outline.
  • The 12 Guideposts.
  • How to use the outline as a business and pitching tool. 


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About Brian Herskowitz

Brian Herskowitz’s TV credits inlcude: Blossom, Hercules: The Legendary, Dream On, Renegade, The Exile, Murder, She Wrote, Young Hercules, and Tour of Duty. Brian teaches screenwriting online for UCLA Extensions and spent five years as the sitcom instructor for Writer’s Bootcamp.