Art Holcomb’s The Art of Preparation


Advice, techniques and practical exercises to help you to unlock your storytelling potential!



Product Description


We are excited to bring you a brand new ebook from screenwriting expert Art Holcomb!

There are many books on screenwriting. But this one is different: it is about what to do before you start writing, the vital preparation that can make or break a script.

Developing ideas found in his Creative Screenwriting column, Art offers clear advice and practical techniques to help you unlock your storytelling potential.




  • Four Steps to a Great Script Concept
  • The Emotional Rulebook
  • The String of Pearls Technique
  • Exclusive quotes by some of the best screenwriters in the business
  • Practical exercises
  • And much more!


The facts are sobering:

  • 90% of all screenwriters who start a script will never finish.
  • Of those, 90% will never hone and polish their work into a finished draft.
  • And of those, 50% will never submit their work.

Make sure you are not among them: take the time to properly prepare to write your script with this fantastic new book!



About the Author

Art Holcomb needs no introduction. But we’re going to give him one anyway. Art is a screenwriter, lecturer, and award-winning playwright, who has written for Marvel and DC Comics, and the Star Trek and X-Men franchises. He’s the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Andromeda Entertainment, which consults on the adaptation of screenplays into graphic novels. A highly sought-after lecturer, he also runs a consultancy for screenwriters, and his articles appear regularly in Creative Screenwriting magazine, among others.


Product Specifications

Book Length: 89 pages

Format: pdf