Art Holcomb v3Art Holcomb’s Craft and Story

Advice on the art of screenwriting.

Art Holcomb is a writer and lecturer, who has written for Marvel and DC Comics and the Star Trek and X-Men franchises. He’s the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Andromeda Entertainment



Brianne Hogan’s Meet the Reader

Brianne Hogan meets the gatekeepers who read the scripts you write.

Brianne Hogan is a freelance writer based in Toronto, with a degree in Film Studies from NYU.




Devorah Cutler Rubenstein’s Your Questions Answered

Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein answers readers’ questions on all aspects of screenwriting.

Devorah is an award-winning writer-director-producer and former Director, Literary Affairs for Columbia Pictures TV. She is also an adjunct at USC, UCLA, CCH and a published poet.



James Napoli’s ScreenplayingJames Napoli square

Script analyst James Napoli reveals what films have to teach us about screenwriting.

James Napoli has over 20 years’ experience as a Hollywood story analyst. He teaches screenwriting, script analysis and movie history, and is the author of The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm.



Michael Schock’s ScriptmonkMichael Welles Schock

Michael Schock turns a critical eye on Hollywood and the craft of screenwriting.

Michael Welles Schock (aka ‘Scriptmonk’) is script consultant and narrative theorist. He is the author of the books Screenwriting Down to the Atoms and Screenwriting & The Unified Theory of Narrative.



Tom StempelTom Stempel’s Understanding Screenwriting

Screenwriting analyst Tom Stempel brings his customary wit and wisdom to bear on movies, television and books.

Tom Stempel is the author of several books on film. His most recent is Understanding Screenwriting: Learning From Good, Not-Quite-So Good, and Bad Screenplays.