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 W.H. Bourne

Beau Willimon’s House of Cards

Beau Willimon’s House of Cards

Screenwriter Beau Willimon, the creative force behind Netflix's House of Cards, a revolutionary show that has transformed Netflix into a TV network, talks about his groundbreaking work as creator and showrunner of the series and gives tips for writers who want to follow in his footsteps

by W. H. Bourne “About three and a half years ago, I got a call from my agent saying David Fincher wanted to speak with me about House of Cards,” says writer and executive producer Beau Willimon. “I had heard of the BBC mini series, but I never watched it so I figured it was […]

 George Loomis

Zeke Farrow’s Best Kept Secret

With a PBS documentary, an MTV show and a hit feature film, this rising star is breaking the mold

by George Loomis A lot of buzz surrounds the work of screenwriter Zeke Farrow these days, but let’s make one thing clear: it’s really not because of him. In the words of Zeke himself, “I really am one of those cliché weirdo writers who just likes to be left the fuck alone.” Hollywood won’t be […]

 Brianne Hogan

Hollie Overton and Lifetime’s The Client List

Hollie Overton and Lifetime’s The Client List

TV writer Hollie Overton discusses breaking in, contests, and how to work “in the room”

by Brianne Hogan Hollie Overton, story editor on Lifetime’s The Client List, always loved television, but like many eventual TV writers, never really thought about writing for it. Even though she secretly wrote stories, journaled and worked on the school newspaper back in her hometown of Kingsville, Texas, Overton was convinced she was going to […]

 Crystal Ann Taylor

Ironside Writer Mick Betancourt

<i>Ironside</i> Writer Mick Betancourt

Writer Mick Betancourt goes from crime dramas to sports and back again

by Crystal Ann Taylor Mick Betancourt explained in part one of this interview his journey from actor and standup comic to writing crime/thriller episodic dramas to co-executive producer of a sports drama, Necessary Roughness. Now he is tackling the reboot of Ironside for NBC as its co-executive producer. And if that isn’t enough to keep […]

 Crystal Ann Taylor

Writer Mick Betancourt on Necessary Roughness

Writer Mick Betancourt on <i>Necessary Roughness</i>

Mick Betancourt on breaking in, the power of acting, and getting necessarily rough in a tough business

by Crystal Ann Taylor When you think of Mick Betancourt, it’s as a writer of serious crime/thriller drama such as Law and Order: SVU, Detroit 1-8-7, Breakout Kings, The Mob Doctor, The Black Donnellys or even the upcoming Ironside. You may even have caught him as an actor in CSI: Miami. What you don’t expect is […]