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 Lisa Horan

Longmire writer Tony Tost

<i>Longmire</i> writer Tony Tost

Breaking all the rules on the poet’s journey to Hollywood

by Lisa Horan Born in the Ozarks, Longmire writer Tony Tost was always convinced that a career as a TV writer was nothing more than a pipedream. After all, that was just not the kind of opportunity that presented itself to people who grew up in places like he did—from the Ozarks to a nearly […]

 James Famera

State of the Network: ABC

State of the Network: ABC

ABC is working hard, but coming from behind

by James Famera The fall television season is once again upon us, and this year ABC has stocked up on a host of new shows by several of the most interesting writers working in television. There’s a Marvel Comics-inspired action series from Joss Whedon, a psychological workplace drama by Kyle Killen, the same writer behind […]

 Shanee Edwards

Divergent and Hope Springs Writer Vanessa Taylor

<i>Divergent</i> and <i>Hope Springs</i> Writer Vanessa Taylor

Describes her bumpy transition from Game of Thrones to feature film writing and gives advice for women working in Hollywood

by Shanee Edwards Television scribe Vanessa Taylor has had great success on the small screen. She’s written for such shows as Alias, Everwood, Tell Me You Love Me, and most recently, seasons two and three of the uber-popular Game of Thrones. But moving to the large screen with last year’s Hope Springs and the upcoming […]

 Michael Sadowski

Emmy 2013, The Good and the Bad

Emmy 2013, The Good and the Bad

Emmy voters got some things right and other things wrong

by Michael Sadowski Life is different for Emmy voters these days. Voters have to keep up with the networks, basic cable, premium channels like HBO and Showtime, and also learn to stream TV channels like Netflix and YouTube. Plus every year new streaming services and channels are added to a television landscape offering more original […]

 Jennie E. Park

Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter

<i>Sons of Anarchy’s</i> Kurt Sutter

Sons of Anarchy showrunner Kurt Sutter discusses origins, endpoints, and navigating the roads in between

by Jennie E. Park Often dubbed the biker with an MFA—a tagline overstating the irony of a trained artist having some passion outside of his art that finds its way into it—Kurt Sutter began riding motorcycles in the same decade he completed his undergraduate degree in film. Starting his journey in dramatic expression as a […]