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 Ari Eisner

Jeffrey M. Howard on Disney’s Planes

Jeffrey M. Howard on Disney’s <i>Planes</i>

Writer Jeffrey M. Howard tells Creative Screenwriting how to build Planes that soar

by Ari Eisner Disney’s Planes is an animated action comedy that tells the story of Dusty, a crop-dusting plane with dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer. But being a crop-duster, Dusty has one major problem—he’s afraid of heights. With the help of a seasoned naval aviator, Dusty’s courage is put to the test […]

 Andrew Bloomenthal

Ryan Coogler’s Fruitvale Station

Ryan Coogler’s <i>Fruitvale Station</i>

Ripping drama from the headlines and driving change at the multiplex

by Andrew Bloomenthal The year was 2009, just hours after New Year’s Eve fireworks lit up the San Francisco skyline. Revelers were riding the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system on their way back home. Among them, a twenty-two-year-old local resident named Oscar Grant. A scuffle broke out. Grant was involved. The conductor parked the […]

 Carlos Aguilar

Justin Haythe on The Lone Ranger

Justin Haythe on <i>The Lone Ranger</i>

It’s all about the characters

by Carlos Aguilar Reinventing a beloved classic for a demanding modern audience is a task that is sure to be paved with doubt and skepticism, even more so when the screenplay becomes a $200 million dollar Disney production. Those stakes could certainly translate into incredible pressure to deliver for the designated writer, yet, for British […]

 Carlos Aguilar

Terry Rossio and The Lone Ranger

Terry Rossio and <i>The Lone Ranger</i>

To boundless optimism and an entrepreneurial spirit

by Carlos Aguilar Anybody who has gone to the movies in the past two decades and experienced some of the most iconic animated and family films from Aladdin to The Pirates of The Caribbean trilogy has most likely enjoyed the work of legendary screenwriter Terry Rossio. His impressive filmography contains some the most successful films […]

 Daniel H. Mintz

Michelle Morgan is the Girl Most Likely

Michelle Morgan is the <i>Girl Most Likely</i>

Advice on imitating life through art and the personal screenplay

by Daniel H. Mintz Girl Most Likely will hit close to home for many of today’s unemployed, debt-ridden young adults moving back in with their parents. Such is the path of Imogene, the film’s main protagonist, who quickly learns firsthand the meaning of Thomas Wolfe’s phrase, “You can’t go home again.” Dramatic writers should also […]