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 Holly Grigg-Spall

Alex Karpovsky on D.I.Y.

Making movies in your spare time

by Holly Grigg-Spall Alex Karpovsky is best known for his performance as Ray, the grumpy barista in HBO’s Girls, and perhaps for his forthcoming role in the much-hyped Coen Brother’s Inside Llewyn Davis, but he’s also a prolific filmmaker with five features he’s directed, four of which he also produced and wrote, and three he […]

 Holly Grigg-Spall

Going for Gold

Ari Gold’s Adventures of Power and the D.I.Y. life

by Holly Grigg-Spall Ari Gold might be best known as the inspiration for the name of Jeremy Piven’s character in Entourage. Google “Ari Gold,” and that’s what you’ll find first, but look a little closer and you’ll see the man behind, and in front of, the cult classic, air-drumming comedy Adventures of Power (which also […]

 Holly Grigg-Spall

Simon Savory on Bruno & Earlene

Why don’t we just do it in the road?

by Holly Grigg-Spall British writer-director-producer Simon Savory’s first feature, LGBTQI road movie Bruno & Earlene Go To Vegas, had its US premiere at OutFest in Los Angeles and has already garnered an array of gushing reviews. Former Troma team member and film theorist turned filmmaker, Savory discusses the ups and downs of playing as many […]

 Jason Nawara

Nick Laing of the Electronic Arts Incubation Group

Nick Laing of the Electronic Arts Incubation Group

Producer Nick Laing discusses constructing the subtle narrative of sports gaming

by Jason Nawara Narrative in gaming has had its peaks and valleys throughout the industry’s three-decade history. The earliest games fed users with a satisfying, yet quarter-munching form of indoor virtual sport: shooting and maneuvering within the games confines to satisfy a reflex-based urge to fire weapons, run, jump or race cars. Mostly it was […]

 Julian Phillips

How I Made $100,000 as a Screenwriter

How I Made $100,000 as a Screenwriter

Tips, form letters, contracts and eight long years

by Julian Phillips How I made $100,000 as a screenwriting in eight years. Sounds like one of those weight-loss ads you’d see in the back pages of a ’70s comic book, doesn’t it? So without any introduction or further boasting, here are some basic proofs that the header here is true, certainly as far as […]