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Destin Cretton on Short Term 12

Destin Cretton on <i>Short Term 12</i>

Drawing from his own past experience as a foster home supervisor, writer/director Destin Cretton conveys both the crucial part that humor plays in caregiver resiliency, and the artistic outlets in which abused children express the unspeakable.

by KJ Doughton Slathered in peeling yellow paint, the building’s outside walls appear drab and benign. But looks can be deceiving. The interior of this building pulsates with the volatility and pain of a thousand exposed nerves. A California-based foster care center for at-risk teenagers known as Short Term 12, its rooms and hallways are […]

 KJ Doughton

V/H/S/2 and the New Horror Aesthetic

<i>V/H/S/2</i> and the New Horror Aesthetic

Five new masters of horror tell Creative Screenwriting what terrifies them and how to best scare a modern audience

by KJ Doughton During my late-’70s youth, Jaws chewed me up, spit me out, and left formative tooth-marks on my brain. The film’s terrifying set-pieces, rising from ominous build-ups to visceral shocks, continue to haunt my memory. The dark, murky Universal Studios logo, ushering in the opening credits amidst spooky whale calls and John William’s […]